Di Caprio is both women’s and men’s fashion brand representing a pinnacle of a hundred year old tradition. It is inspired by a Mediterranean way of dressing where even the most formal garments are worn in a relaxed way. This sartorial ease is based on perfect tailoring wherein Di Caprio continued Varteks’s expertise. Only the most precisely designed pieces of clothing, made from the finest materials, can be worn so casually.

Di Caprio’s business line is the most recognizable part of the collection, featuring women’s and men’s suits made of the finest materials. This is where the expert construction and sewing come to the fore and this is why these suits fit so perfectly. However, the Mediterranean style would not be complete without the casual line which keeps the elegance and beauty, but in a more relaxed way, ideal for the leisure time.

Apart from these two lines, Di Caprio focuses on the formal wear as well. Only the most carefully selected fabrics are used for the suits, shirts or dresses, making those special moments even more special. Di Caprio brand is a perfect fit for those appreciating finest fabrics, perfect constructions and, ultimately, for all those appreciating garments made with utmost care.